Almond and Orange Marmalade Cake

Almond and Orange Marmalade Cake

You have to try this amazing almond and orange marmalade cake recipe!

With citrus season in full swing I decided to make some orange marmalade which turned out fantastic! Since I had so much I wanted to make some sort of baked item utilizing the marmalade. I decided on an almond cake and I thought why not mix almond paste in with the marmalade. This is what happened, a delicious almond and orange sponge cake topped with a little whipped cream. Here is the recipe of how to make orange and almond sponge cake.

Recipe Ingredients

Orange marmalade

8 cups sliced oranges blanched 3 times about 10 small oranges

4 cups of sugar

4 cups of water

1 tbsp pectin

Cook for 30-40 minutes

Almond Sponge

150g 3 eggs

54g 3 yolks

111g sugar

35g flour

75 g almond flour

128g 3 egg whites

3 tbsp sugar

1 tsp of almond extract and vanilla

pinch of salt

Almond paste

1 1/2 cup almond meal

1 1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 egg white

2 tsp almond extract

Mix in 2 cups of orange marmalade with almond paste

2 cups of whipped cream

1 orange zested

Recipe Instructions

How to make orange Marmalade,

Bring small pot of water to a boil, place the sliced oranges in the boiling water and blanch for 10 seconds. Strain off the water.  Repeat the same steps two more times, starting with fresh water each time.  After 3 times add the measured water and sugar and bring to a boil.  Add the orange slices to the pot.  Cook for 25-30 minutes. I then used a hand immersion blender and puree the marmalade until most of the peel where broken down into smaller pieces. Cook for 5 more minutes and then pour into a preserve jar and seal properly. 

How to make sponge cake, Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Place eggs, yolks, and 111g sugar into a stand mixer.  Whisk until thick and pale yellow about 5 minutes.  Then add the flour, almond flour, and to the egg mixture and mix well.  Then pour the mixture into a large mixing bowl.  Clean out the mixing bowl and then place egg whites into the bowl.  Whisk egg whites until triple in volume and then add the 3 tbsp of sugar.  Whisk until stiff peaks and add almond and vanilla extract.  Then fold the egg whites into the egg-flour mixture in 3 parts.  Pour the batter onto a sheet pan lined with parchment paper and smooth surface with offset spatula.  Place in the oven and bake for approximately 10 minutes or until golden brown and cake tester comes out clean.  Take the sponge cake out and let it cool completely.

How to make almond paste

Place almond flour and powdered sugar in a food processor. Turn on and puree for 20 seconds then add egg white and almond extract. Puree until smooth.

Then combine the almond paste with the orange marmalade and mix well.

To Finish

You can cut your sponge cake in thirds depending on how big you want your cake to be. Place the almond cake on the bottom and then spread a layer of the almond marmalade on top.  Then place a piece of the almond sponge on top.  Continue the process one more time until you have three layers. Chill for at least an hour if not more. Then slice a piece of almond cake and place it on a plate. Using a piping bag, pipe whipped cream on top of the cake. Finish with orange zest. Serve and enjoy!


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